Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

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"Just because it’s all you want, doesn’t mean it’s all you need"

- Kurt Cobain (via halluzinogen)

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"I wish I knew how to love someone without killing myself. How to mend hearts without breaking my own. How to kiss and not create bruises."

- Michelle K., Things I Wish I Knew How To Do (via vacants)

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Jewelry for fidgeters. Love it.


This is necessary for someone like me, who silently destroys napkins and beer bottle labels with my nervous hands during the most casual of friendly conversations. 


The season of leg shaving is upon us.

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"My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping"

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"I’m tired… I’m so tired. I thought I just needed a night’s sleep, but it’s more than that."

- Inside Llewyn Davis [2013] (via hefuckin)

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"why dont you just give him a chance"

idk because im not physically or mentally attracted to him and ‘but he likes you’ or ‘but hes really nice’ isnt going to change the fact that im not interested

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If you think instrumental music is stupid you can decrescendo out of my life

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Does anyone else lie in bed at 2:30am filled with the crippling fear that they’re never going to accomplish anything in life and fail miserably or is that just me

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